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When we think about faxing, although it seems outdated, it is still used by a significant number of companies, we see fax as something not very modern and that it did not grow or shaped with technology. However faxing, has also been refurbished and has used technological advances to be faster and more efficient. Online Fax has stopped working with a telephone line and a fax machine. Now it happends to be online. This allows you to receive a fax wherever you are, just needing a device with an Internet connection and an email address.


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Featured Case Study

Mixing Business and Physiotherapy: Can Business Principles be Applied to the Practice of Physiotherapy?
While standing in the hotel lobby waiting to get checked in for the conference that was to start the next day, Mark, a physiotherapist and small clinic owner, spots two of his long-time colleagues and friends; Bill and Kathy. As members of the Canadian Physiotherapists Association, over the years Mark got to know Bill and Kathy quite well. Although Mark is a few years their senior, all three therapists share a common bond in that each owns a physiotherapy clinic.

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Sunrise Productions Case B
David Wu is sitting in front of his computer at his apartment near campus. He has a mid-term presentation coming up where he is expected to illustrate the progress he has made with one of his clients. Staring at the email in front of him, David is struggling not to reply with disdain, forcing himself away from the computer in an attempt to cool himself off.

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